I'm the owner of the domain DanPC.co.il from 2011, but I never really knew what I wanted it to be about, until recently. I knew I wanted it to be about computing, but I just didn't have the time working on an idea for it until 2017. At first the website was only in Hebrew, focusing only on products from Israel, mainly to Israeli residents - and was a big success after a very short time. Eventually, I decided to expand the collection offered also to non-Israeli residents. In 2020 I also decided to add some Online games.

DanPC is sort of a big "catalog" with plenty of different products, ordered in a convenient way. There's also reviews and ratings from people like you to try and help you a little if you're unsure about buying a product. DanPC's principles are very plain and clear:

  • Simplicity - Not too much text on the eyes. When you're looking for a product, it's better to have as less distractions as possible.
  • Conveniency - Browsing and finding products without any hassle.
  • Efficiency - Offering relevant and much reliable products, with low-chance of dissatisfaction from a product - what you buy is what you get.
  • Privacy - No "special customers club" or a need to share your personal details with DanPC. You want a product? Click on 'Buy' and you'll be taken to the product page on the company or seller's website.
  • Transparecy - The profits from this website are mainly from a small commissions, making it possible to keep improving it and adding even more products.

I hope you'll find this website useful. If you have any questions or problems, you can send me a message.

A little tip: if you can't find a product you want in any of the categories, try using the search page.
Happy shopping!

Right now on DanPC: 82,729 products and 264 online games.